We are green

CMES actively seeks to implement sustainable practices throughout our work in commercial offices, retail space, government agencies, and more. We are committed to implementing environmentally conscious strategies in every project we manage or perform.
Buildings fundamentally impact our lives and the health of our planet. In the United States, buildings consume one-third of our total energy,
two-thirds of our electricity, one-eighth of our water, and transform land that provides valuable ecological resources.

CMES is motivated to build green for environmental, economic and social benefits. However, modern sustainability initiatives demand an integrated and synergistic design for new construction and in retrofitting existing structures. On every project, CMES creates sustainable design, integrating the building’s life cycle with each “green” initiative that is employed to create a synergy among all best practices. At CMES, we build green to reduce and eliminate the negative impact of buildings on our environment and health.

Are you Looking for information and guidance on green and sustainable building operations and practices?

CMES has the resources, and provides a step-by-step guide to for implementing these
sustainable practices into every one of our projects. Contact us today at 240.499.7640 for more information.

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